The Result of Experimenting with EssayDune

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The struggle to get your hands on a good essay writing service is real, and every student who had to pull all-nighters know the pain of comparing customer reviews simply because they can’t handle it anymore themselves.

As good Samaritans who also went through the struggle of college studying at 3 AM, we decided that we should give you a break and help you make your pick. This time, we took EssayDune and grilled them to the core to see whether or not they are worth the cash. Here’s a result of our EssayDune review.

The Service Quality

At first glance, they offer everything a student would ever need: essays, book reports, term papers, critiques – everything academic-related. Plus, you even get proofreading, as well as scholarship as admission essay. Everything sounds perfect.

That is until you receive your order. Sadly, the writing is not up to par, no matter how you look at it. For this experiment, we decided that instead of only reading comments from other customers, we should place an order for a paper ourselves.

What we received was a paper that was riddled with grammatical and spelling issues, and which was written by someone who was obviously not a native in the English language. This paper would not have received a passing grade – let alone a good one. Our rating of is very low.

Communication and Support

Despite the less than fortunate experience that we had with the paper, we have to admit that our assigned writer was very polite. He was not slow in answering questions, nor did he show signs of losing his patience when we failed to clarify things for him. Our belief is that he was certainly knowledgeable on the topic we asked for, but lacked the English and writing skills to form an essay out of those thoughts.

The support was also polite – only that was the whole extent. When we complained about the quality of the writing, they refused to offer us a refund or even a revision. They simply stated that their hands were tied.

Time for the Money

Reading through some testimonials on the page, we found that you can get a discount depending that is directly proportional to the size of your order; the larger the order, the bigger the discounts. The disadvantage is that if you want to get a good discount, you need to place a fairly large order for it. We looked for coupon codes or a promo code, but we found no trace of any.

The good part is that the prices go just a bit below the average. The bad part is that this might explain why the writing is so bad. Their blog post was pretty good, though, and we did find some interesting topics there.

Final Thoughts

Unless you are on their page to read some blog posts, we suggest that you look elsewhere. If quality writing is what you are looking for, they won’t be able to give it to you. While they may not be necessarily fraud or scam, Essay Dune is not something you could call qualitative.

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