Top 11 New Online Paper Writing Services

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Paper writing services are at a click away, and they continue to appear on a yearly basis. Wherever you look online, there’s always an academic writing company. While there are many services that students are familiar with, there are also some they may have never heard of.

Here are 11 of them, therefore you’ve got plenty to choose from. Keep in mind that not all of them are good.

1. Top Essay Writing

top essay writing review


Let’s start this rather long list with the greatest service. Top Essay Writing has lived up to its name. It is one of the most popular company on the web at the moment. It’s got fantastic TopEssayWriting prices, as well as excellent quality.

Whatever it is you’re needing, you’ll definitely find it there. It’s 100% secure and if you have any problems, you can always contact the customer support team. Hands-down the best writing company there is.

2. Edusson

Edusson review

Quality issues aside, Edusson is a good paper writing company that you might consider in the future. Edusson prices start around $7.50, so a paper is pretty affordable, even on a tight budget.

Bear in mind that the company offers no freebies and no discounts. This might be too large of a pitfall for you, but then again, you’ve got other choices.

3. Custom Writing

custom writing review


If you want high-quality papers with a timely delivery, Custom Writing will disappoint you. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive services I’ve ever seen, so expensive, in fact, that I don’t really know how many customers afford to buy papers from them.

If any, to be honest.

4. Paper Writings

paper writings review

Just like custom writing, Paper Writings poses the same concerns related to the quality of the papers, but it is considerably more affordable (for some). Writers are really cool until you point out their errors. Overall PaperWritings testimonials are quite positive.

So is the customer support team. Proceed with care. It’s a good service if you communicate with your writer.

5. Essay Tigers

essaytigers review

EssayTigers was confronted more than once for its claims that all the writers affiliated with the company are native English speakers. Moreover, the subsequent low quality of the papers made many students turn away from the service.

And this may be the very first service that actually charges per reference! That doesn’t make any sense to me, particularly because they still charge you if you’ve given them the reference.

6. Master Papers

masterpapers review

Master Papers is a pretty confusing service because it’s difficult to assess what exactly it is the company is offering. Yeah, it sounds strange. Probably because it is? One thing I know is that they have low MasterPapers prices, but poor quality, too.

An eerie service that raises many question marks. If you’ve got enough time to provide answers to those, maybe you make it work.

7. Fresh Essays

FreshEssay review

Fresh Essays is a pretty decent provider of academic papers, but there’s one huge downside concerning the company: you have to pay for extras like proofreading and editing. Due to this, FreshEssays reviews in the web aren’t very positive.

You don’t have a right to confront a writer if your paper is awful. He will simply say he wasn’t paid to pay attention to grammar. In this case, you better start looking for another service.

If it weren’t for this serious drawback, Fresh Essays would have been a really good choice, but unfortunately, it is not.

8. Thesis Help

thesis help review

As its name says it, Thesis Help caters to college students who are about to embark on the horrible journey that is writing their dissertations. What bothers me most about this service is that it is capable of providing a dissertation in… 3 days?

The ThesisHelp prices? Almost $6000. This should be a very serious warning sign to everybody since I’ve never seen a dissertation written in 3 days. It’s unrealistic.

9. Write My Essay 4 Me

writemyessay4me review

Do what thou wilt, but this service has been burned by many WriteMyEssay4Me reviews. It has the lowest possible quality. Even the content on the site itself is written in poor English.

The only thing this company does well is respect the deadlines, but that’s about it. Not a good choice at all.

10. Writers Per Hour

WritersPerHour review

Writer Per Hour is a fairly good provider of papers. The WritersPerHour prices are justified and the quality of the documents is okay, albeit full of grammatical errors, depending on how skilled the writer assigned for your paper is.

It’s not that bad, but there are certainly better services to consider. Pay attention to the fact that they don’t offer any extra services either.

11. The Pensters

the pensters review

They’ve got a great capability of respecting deadlines, but the papers are sub par. The Penster prices, too, are a little too high when quality is put at the other side of the spectrum. You can take a look for yourself.

Maybe you don’t see all these as disadvantages.


Now that you have 11 services that you might not have heard about before, all you need to do is take a closer look at each of them and assess which would work best for you.

Again, Top Essay Writing is a certified company. I don’t know if the rest of the ones in this list are, but I’m inclined to believe they are not. If you pay any money, make sure you’ll get the best quality there is, don’t settle for mediocrity.

There’s enough of that already. I hope you found this list useful. Let me know how it went!